Kettlebells, BJJ and fitting it around real life

Posted: October 26, 2012 in bjj, brazilian jiujitsu, hardstyle, kettlebell

Me and the rest of it

I’m thirty eight years old, happily married with four kids,all boys.
I work a 12 hour rotating four cycle shift pattern in a contact lens manufacturing plant, not my dream job,it pays the bills and that’s all I’ll say about that.
In my spare time I’m a Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor and a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
I’ve been training with kettlebells for the past 4 years and have been teaching them for the past 18 months and I love it. It’s a fantastic way to get fit and I train with them exclusively and combined with bodyweight exercises they really are highly effective. I’ll be covering my training thoughts and differences in techniques and styles in later posts.


I’ve been training /studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu intermittently for the past 2 years, I had an 8 month hiatus last year to focus on the kettlebell coaching side of things but I really missed rolling (the jiujitsu term for sparring) with the guys.
So I try to get on the mats at least once a week.
There are a couple of schools of thought on the practice of this martial art which I’ll give my opinion at another time but the video below really showcases the competition side of BJJ.
My dilemma is the division of my time between work, teaching kettlebells, practicing bjj and spending time with my family.

This forces me to make some compromises

  1. I teach kettlebells from my home studio on my days off , so technically I’m at home but I’m sometimes teaching between 4pm and 9pm with 10 or 15 minutes break between classes every hour to grab a drink.
  2. This means I cannot make the bjj classes on these evenings so I arrange morning training sessions at the academy with some of the other students that work shift/odd hours.
So essentially on my day off I could be training bjj from 10am to 12.30pm, get home, shower, eat and be teaching kettlebells from 4pm to 9pm. Pretty busy for a day off right?

So what about time for the family?

Well my kids are all of school going age so they attend school and the younger ones are home before 3pm and the eldest after 4pm (if he doesn’t hang back playing table tennis with his friends)
When I’m working the night shift I see them in the morning as I get home before they go to school and in the evening before I go to work. When I’m working day shift I get home before they go to bed.
I’m off every second weekend and I find that most people rarely want to train on a weekend so I’m almost always free unless there’s an open mat so I hit the academy for an hour or so on a Saturday morning.
And my wife? Well she’s the one.
In conclusion
Time is the most precious thing you can give to someone or something, you never get it back.
Invest it in something you feel passionate about, whether its your fitness or a martial art, or singing, writing or just sitting in a quiet place for a half hour to gather your thoughts. Make it important for you.
If it’s that important
you’ll make time not excuses.

Feedback is always appreciated, feel free to let me know what you think

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