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Knackered Knees, No More!

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Following up on my post yesterday, Dave digs a little and offers up a nice strength and mobility article for the knee.

Wild Geese Fitness Training

knee Knees.

Lets take a show of hands. All those who’ve NEVER experienced knee pain or injury put your hand up.

Those who’ve had PAIN in their knees put your hands up.

Yeah, as I thought, a few more that time.

It’s a joint that get hammered by just about everything we do.

Yet, with a bit of smart thinking and common sense we can keep it strong, health and functioning long into our twilight years.

What we can’t protect against are the bangs and impacts we take as part of our sports and martial arts practice.
But as the knee is the number 1 non contact injury reported, it seems the heavy impacts are the least of our worries!

All through last year I had the pleasure of working with Seb, a big Polish BJJ player who wrapped his leg around a lamppost when he crashed his motorcycle. So I’ve…

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More and more people are starting to take fitness serious in their 30’s and 40’s after maybe not training seriously since their teens/early 20’s. You know, back before mortgages and long hours in the office

I’ve put together 10 quick points that should help someone starting a journey back into fitness

  1. Learn to move and move well. Master the basic movements with your own bodyweight, squat,deadlift, pushup and pullup/bodyweight row. Work on control of movement. If you cannot move well without load, you won’t move well under load.
  2. Find an instructor/coach before you start throwing weights around. They will teach you correct form and assess your ability to perform set movements. They will also assist in goal setting and help put a plan in place to achieve your goal. 
  3. Train Barefoot or at least in flat soled trainers. This ensures good ankle stability under load and gives a stable foundation for lifting. Do not wear running shoes, these are designed for running(clue in the name). 
  4. No Running Especially if you are overweight, you are not strong enough. The stress on the ankle knees and hips will cause pain, kettlebell swings are much more suitable. Same muscle groups are targeted without the impact of running. I’m not dismissing all running but you need to get strong first.
  5. Have patience. Your body might have been fallen out of condition through years of sedentary living. 6/12/18 weeks of boot camp style programming will not fix that. Lifestyle changes take time to apply and for your body to adapt. Set the goal and make the steps towards it, just keep moving forward. Take the time, enjoy the journey.
  6. You cannot out-snatch a doughnut You can put all the hours in the gym and it will all count for naught if you do not clean up the diet. Balance nutrition with training for the quickest results. This might mean preparing meals a few days in advance. 70% diet 30% exercise and 100% commitment.
  7. Keep a food log. This is essential for weight management. If it goes into your mouth it goes in the log. That chocolate éclair you had after lunch doesn’t look so good if you have to log it. It’s a good way to see what your eating habits are and where you need to make changes
  8. Keep a training log Again essential for monitoring progression towards goals in your training. This also ensures you stick to the training plan. Also log your mood during these workout sessions and see if that had any effect on your performance.
  9. Throw away the scales Do not have an over reliance on your weight. Focus more on how your clothes fit. You might not see the weight come away but your shape will change and your clothes will hang differently on your person. Take measurements,thigh upper arm waist. These are a better indication of fat lose than weighing alone.
  10. Drink more water Get at least 2 litres a day into you. More on training days. If you are working, bring a 500ml bottle and fill it at least twice through the working day. Water will help cleans your system, clears the skin and keeps the brain hydrated so in turn keeps the mind focused.

Blog attempt

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was blogging over at the google blogger site but my laptop kept shutting down everytime I opened the window in my browser.

So, I’ll start again here. Mostly it’ll be my thoughts and principles on kettlebell training and some thoughts on Brazilian JiuJitsu that I am also trying to get to grips with.Image