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Clavicle debacle

Posted: June 5, 2015 in bjj, brazilian jiujitsu, training
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So after coming back from a lack lustre performance at the Irish Open BJJ Champions,due to a strained groin, I am once again on the shelf with another injury in the form of a fractured clavicle.

This occured during while trying  to apply a kimura counter to a half guard sweep but my timing was off.

My partner managed to get too deep an underhook and I started to defend the sweep. I posted out as he came up and started to stand and drive into me and my elbow collapsed and all my weight and my now advancing opponents weight came crashing through the point of my shoulder. This ended in an audible crack similar to the sound of breaking timber.  

 Fast forward I’m sitting in the emergency room wearing a rash guard with my arm in a rudimentary sling fashioned from a white belt, which did impress the duty nurse to some extent. X-ray confirmed the clavicle was fractured in a butterfly fashion, which means the bone fragments don’t  line up exactly but will heal with a visible lump. 
I spoke to a consultant and am in a sling for 5 weeks. 

He also informed me that the clavicle wasn’t that important a bone as it is a carryover from our quadrupedal times. Well I informed him I needed the structural integrity of the bone to assist in framing out against a resisting opponent who is determined to choke or apply a lock to one of my limbs! I also informed him that I like to lift heavy things up and put them down. 

So in addition to the five weeks with the arm in a sling there will also be 6-8 weeks of mobility and strength work to get the shoulder back to mat fitness. 

All I can do now is sit it out and spend my time working on a game on paper and then trying to implement it when I get back on the mat.