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Most days this is what is going on upstairs

Work out?  You don’t work out with kettlebells, I leave working out to the  mathematicians and accountants.

You train with kettlebells, you learn,you practice and drill, after all repetition is learning.

The more you practice, the better you get, the stronger you get, the more efficient you get.

Strength is a skill, and skills need to be learned and honed. 

Learn the basic movements then add the small details that make them work for you.

Be it a different foot placement that allows you to get a stronger hip drive to move a  heavier bell or a different grip position that doesn’t fatigue the forearms so quick and lets you carry on for longer sets.

This will happen over time through trial and error or with a trainer’s experience (they’ve done the trial and made the errors on your behalf )

As you grow more proficient and more efficient with the movements start chaining them together, combining movements, making them a bit more complex but try to make them flow.

Combine movements that will naturally flow together for example  a swing to clean to squat to press to reverse Turkish get up to negative press to swing and switch hands, the weight is not important but the movement is.

Train the movement,then start developing the strength.

“Obey the principles without being bound by them” ~Bruce Lee



I’ve always had a fondness for the martial arts and combat sport.Be it boxing, karate,judo or more recently MMA. The recent main-streaming of the UFC and similar organisations has led to a mass increase in cross training martial arts and the opening of such schools/academies to accommodate the new trend.

One such school is the Combat Sports Centre in Limerick. I was directed towards them by a co-worker who was also a blue belt in BJJ at the time. I had expressed my interest in martial arts and he suggested I give it a try. So I rolled up to the gym, and spoke to a few of the guys. I had no idea what to expect and was going in with an open mind, a gum-shield and a willingness to learn. The gym was split in two, in one room the floor was matted and there was about a few guys grappling in BJJ Gi (BJJ uniform,similar to a judo suit). The other room had bags hanging, a small matted area, and padded walls(to emulate clinch work against the cage) basically the MMA side.

I was waiting for my Gi to be delivered so I decided to hop into the MMA class.

I learned some very valuable lessons here

  1. Always wear a gum shield
  2. Always wear a groin guard
  3. Gym owned boxing gloves stink
  4. I’m too old to be getting punched in the face by guys half my age that are faster and have better reflexes than me

So the following week I turned up for BJJ class with my brand new Gi.

Limerick BJJ Academy