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Today started with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this morning for 2 hours. A good session with the guys drilling sweeps and basic positional work for those competing this weekend at Grapplepalooza. We went fairly easy so there would be no tempting fate for possible injury in the run up to the competition.

Homeward bound afterwards for some kettlebell conditioning work.

This consisted of 3 roundsof a swing/squat complex  with the 24 kg bell that I’ve now named the “Ticker Kicker”

followed by 2 rounds of the Deep 6 complex with a 20kg bell (Video shows me using the 16, I filmed this last week)

First half of this session really challenged the CNS as the swings and squats took their toll. This carried over to the second half of the session which required a lot of focus and control, especially during the Turkish Get Up.

I was hoping to knock out a third round of the deep six but I found after round 2, I was toast.  Over all a really good challenging session that I know will leave me with some well earned muscle soreness tomorrow 🙂